Many of you already know me from a long time, others know me from a few years,
many of you can have the chance, if you would like, to meet me and find out more about me.
My name is Pino Sofo, I live in Trentino (Italy) I’ve always been fond of good music.
In the beginning of the 70’s I was part of an Italian Association of DJ’s, as a manager, in North Italy.

The shop

I worked as a DJ for many years in different clubs, I have experience as a director of radio stations
and I have organized several music shows.
In these past years I have collected several records and I have created this website
that gives all the collectors the opportunity to find all sorts of music:
funk, disco dance, jazz, rock, pop, latin-brasilian, electronic music, orchestral music, classical music
and of course Italian music.
In this collection you can also find 7°-12° and promotional LP’s that I received directly
from the record companies or from the artists themselves.
I deliberately wanted to leave out, from this collection, the funky and the disco dance of the 90’s / 2000,
because in my opinion it’s an unrecognizable, indifferent music that doesn’t fit with my personal musical tastes.
After this short and concise presentation I wish you all a pleasant vision.